Welcome to the home of network automation.


In this site I will be blogging about Networking, Automation and Linux hoping this could be useful for people transitioning from a Network engineer role into a Network Automation role or for people just interested in learning a bit more about these topics. 


The main component of this site is the blog where I will be writing articles and sharing automation ideas hoping to start a conversation with you.


From time to time I work on personal projects to solve challenges I come across. You can see them all in my github space.

Who am I?

Welcome to my site, I’m Daniel and I work as a Network Engineer in Manchester, UK. During the last 3 years, I’ve been extensively working in Automation projects and I’m passionate about solving problems with code and improving the state of the network infrastructure. 

I’m somewhat obsessed with productivity, and I love reading about better ways to be more efficient and keep improving in all areas of my life. 

Outside of work, I love traveling, discovering new places, and learning more about life in other countries.